High temperature ceramic tile

ZrO2(HfO2)     ≥    80% Fe2O3                ≤   0.11% SiO2                   ≤ 0.16% Al2O3                ≤     0.1% TiO2                   ≤  0.12% Y2O3                  ≥     19.46%

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FunMeet Solutions

We have developed and produced one kind of new type ceramic thermal Field

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Saving 40-50% energy cost

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Super long working life and anti-stripping performance,

Rare Oxide Composite SS Ceramic Thermal Field Synthetic Crystal is one kind of important crystals in military and civilian application. Up to now, whole world' S Synthetic Crystal enterprises have used metal, ZrO2 Fiber, dense ZrO2 brick etc. quality thermal fields. The sapphire ingot polluted, shrinkage, deformed, collapsed of thermal field, etc. problems arise. Rare earth oxide (RE) doped yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) is one of the effective ways to improve the thermal insulation performance and high temperature stability of traditional YSZ thermal barrier coatings.

Incredible Numbers

   We design and produce composite thermal field for Kyropoulos Way 120kgs Sapphire Ingot by ourselves.

 Service life

Super long service life of up to three years

Save energy

18,000 degrees of energy saving per seeding of 1g of crystals

High temperature resistance

Long working temperature of YZO-ZrO2 series products is 2370-2650℃ in the air,Water vapor, nitrogen and vacuum environments.

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Trough constant R&D, improvement, successfully produced one of most advanced ceramic thermal field---Solid Solution Ceramic Composite Thermal Field. It have below obvious features:. Ultra Low-Deformation. Few Oxide Volatilization · Rapid Releasing Oxygen. Super Low Energy Cost. Long Working Life.

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